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How To Increase Your Sex Drive Naturally By Dr Sandra Cabot


How To Increase Your Sex Drive Naturally By Dr Sandra Cabot

This is a book for all women who want to improve their sex life. No matter what age you are, it is possible to have a sex life and it can be a really wonderful one. You may think you are too old or that you have too many problems or even that it doesn't really matter because it is just too hard to talk about something so personal - If you do think like this, then you need this book. See details

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Dr Sandra Cabot sees thousands of women who ask for help with their sex life - They want to improve it for themselves and they want to improve their relationship with their lover.

Not every woman likes to talk about it and often believes there is nothing she can do to get her mojo back ; so she says and does nothing and time passes her by.

A healthy sex life is good for your wellbeing and happiness and these things are important. This book enables you to gain intimate and practical information without being embarrassed.

With the help of modern day technology and things like bio-identical natural hormones and the love hormone oxytocin, you can not only restore your sex life but slow down the ageing process.

This book provides solutions for the following problems:

  • Menopause and hormonal imbalance pain and/or discomfort during sex.
  • Vaginal infections or odour vulvodynia (vulval pain), bladder and bowel prolapse skin problems of the vulva.
  • Loss of romantic feelings, low self esteem and lack of confidence.
  • Infection with herpes and /or the wart virus.
  • Loss of libido and total disinterest in sex trouble communicating with your lover
  • Lack of lubrication inability to orgasm or achieve sexual satisfaction achieve an orgasm during sexual intercourse or never at all.

If you are one of those women this book, increase your sex drive naturally, offers hope and a chance to acquaint yourself with the pleasures of an increased sex drive.

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Open and enjoy the read.

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