Nexcare Heavy Weight Crepe 50mm


Nexcare Heavy Weight Crepe 50mm

Nexcare Heavy Weight Crepe bandage is ideal for general bandaging and compression. See details

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Latex free.

Approximately 4m stretched.

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  1. Clean and dry wound and surrounding skin thoroughly.

  2. Grasp package tabs and peel back to reveal card. Fold card along perforated lines and tear off card end tab. Remove strips at a 45 degree angle from the card.

  3. Line up skin edges. At midpoint of the wound, apply one half of the first strip up to the wound edge and press firmly into place. Without applying tension to the strip, press the free half firmly into place.

  4. Apply additional closures at approximately 3mm intervals as needed to complete dressing.

  5. Additional closures may be applied 1 2.5mm from closure ends and parallel to the wound to distribute tension and hold all strips into place.

Removal of skin closures: gently grasp the edge and slowly lift the steri-strip closure from each end, up to the wound site. Carefully lift the strip away from the wound surface. Do not lift off the closure from one end only or wound may reopen.

Warnings & Precautions

Always read the label; use as directed; if symptoms persist see a healthcare professional.

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