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Quantum Fit 3D Pedometer

Quantum Fit 3D Pedometer

The Quantum Fit 3D Pedometer accurately records steps, distance, average speed and calories burned. See details

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The QTF 100 also incorporates a time display, exercise timer and a 7 day memory for complete exercise information.

Top features:

  • 3D motion sensor
  • 7 day memory
  • Records steps, distance, average speed and calories burned
  • Large LCD display
  • Time display
  • Exercise timer
  • Step counting pause function
  • Power saving standby function- Low battery indicator.

Product SKU: BHW2250

Please read the full instructions for use provided with the product prior to using.

  1. Always attach the product securely to your belt, waist band, or pocket before use.

  2. The product will start showing the number of steps taken after 15 continuous steps.

  3. Take the product off after use. The power saving standby function will be activated after 3 minutes of no activity.

  4. Press the mode button repeatedly to scroll through all modes in the below sequence: 1. Time mode 2. Step counting mode 3. Distance mode 4. Calories mode 5. Average speed mode 6. Exercise timer mode 7. Memory mode 5. All data will be reset and stored into memory automatically at midnight (00:00), so your step memory is recorded from 00:00:00 to 23:59: 59 6. Resetting any one of the step counter, distance, calories, average speed or exercise timer modes will result in clearing an of todays data from each mode, however it will not clear any data from the memory mode.

Note: The product may not count steps correctly in the following conditions:

  • If the product moves irregularly, i.e. It moves around on your belt, the top of your waist band or pocket.
  • Moving at an inconsistent pace, i.e. If you shuffle or wear sandals. Starting / stopping or other forms of inconsistent movement. Stepping too lightly or extremely slowly.
  • Up and down movement, i.e. Standing up / sitting down.
  • Activities other than walking or running.
  • Ascending / descending stairs or a steep slope.
  • Vibrations from a moving vehicle such as riding a bicycle, car, train or bus.
Warnings & Precautions

Store below 30°C in a dry place away from sunlight.

Please refer to the manual

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