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Soulful Sleep Lactoferrin Immunity Formula 900g


Soulful Sleep Lactoferrin Immunity Formula 900g

Soulful Sleep Lactoferrin Immunity Formula is specially developed to contain tart cherry and chamomile to help contribute to healthy sleep and sleep patterns. See details

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Containing Australian milk, a range of essential vitamins & minerals, plant-based Omega 3 DHA and Lactoferrin for a delicious drink, perfect before bedtime.

Promoting healthy sleep and supporting a healthy immune system, Soulful Sleep Formula is perfect for all ages +3 years.

  • Lactoferrin, Zinc, Iron: Immune system & iron absorption.

  • Chamomile, Tart Cherry: Healthy sleep patterns and sleep quality.

  • Bifidobacterium longum (Probiotic) & Lactoferrin: Promotes healthy intestinal flora & digestion.

  • Plant-based Omega 3 DHA, Zinc: Brain & eye development, cognitive function.

Product SKU: BHW3194

  1. Mix 5 scoops with 250ml of warm water to create milk liquid.

Can be used as a base for smoothies, protein shakes, added to cereal and used in baking.

Warnings & Precautions

Contains Milk and Soy.

This product is not suitable for children under 3 years.

Store below 25�C in a cool, dry place.

Once opened it is recommended to consume the product within 4 weeks.

This product is to be used as a supplement to a normal diet to address situations where intakes of energy and nutrients may not be adequate to meet an individual�s requirements.

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