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The WellBeing Collagen Beverage - Strawberry 400g
The WellBeing

The WellBeing Collagen Beverage - Strawberry 400g

Strawberry flavoured with 16g of type 1 and 3 collagen, no added sugar. Blend, shake or vigorously stir with dairy or nut milk or water. See details

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The Wellbeing is made with a market leading amount of type 1 and 3 collagen, 16gm in fact.

Collagen at this level helps not only to support healthy hair and nails, but can assist with firming your skin via stimulation of elastin production, reducing the appearance of lines, prevention of joint cartilage loss and repair, increasing bone density, and can help with cognitive performance and general felling of happiness.

The addition of prebiotics helps to assist with a healthy gut along side collagen. Can be consumed as a drink with milk (dairy or nut) or water, or added to your smootied or added to foods. For best result if drinking use a blender, otherwise a shaker or stir vigorously for 10 or so seconds until disolved.

Product SKU: BHW3339

1 Scoop ( 40g) per 200 ml milk, Plant based milk, water. Blend for best results, otherwise shake or vigorously stir

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