Your Personal Paleo Diet By Chris Kresser


Your Personal Paleo Diet By Chris Kresser

The idea behind the Paleo, or 'caveman', diet is simple - Eat the food we humans were genetically and biologically meant to eat, as our hunter-gatherer ancestors once did, and we can all experience near-effortless weight loss, increased Vitality and greatly improved health. See details

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But does it really make sense to restrict yourself to the limited range of foods available to our ancestors? Although we share a lot in common with them, we each have our own genes, tastes and health goals.

In this ground-breaking book, leading expert Chris Kresser offers his unique solution - A 3-step plan that will fit your body, your Lifestyle and your specific health issues.

Start by following the basic Paleo plan for 30 days and enjoy a satisfying diet of lean meat, fish, non-starchy vegetables, some fruit, nuts and seeds but avoid grains, dairy, sugar and refined foods.

After this 30-day plan, Chris helps you re-introduce certain foods in moderation to find out what agrees with you and what doesn't.

So what are you waiting for?

You can enjoy life more, look slimmer and feel more Vital.

And because Chris advocates an 80/20 approach - We all have to live in the real world after all - You can still enjoy your favourite treats from time to time.

In addition to dietary advice, the plan

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Open and enjoy the read.

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